Fragrance can transform us to a memory of our childhood, perhaps grandmas baking or summer days spent at the beach! Or it can even touch us on an emotional level. Maybe it will make you feel relaxed, energised, stimulated, happy or even sleepy. (Who wouldn’t love a bit of help in that department? Do you hear me new mums!)

A room can be transformed with scent very easily through candles. Not only does the scent gently permeate through the room, the gentle flickering of the flame can be very mesmerising, and so relaxing watching that flame dance. 

My journey into the candle making scene comes from my love of a scented space. It also became important to me that I would produce 100% safe, free from toxins products. All our items are made with vegan and animal cruelty free scents. Our wax is pure natural soy, therefore containing no nasty paraffins. Cleaner burning, cleaner breathing!

The brand that you see today is a reflection of my personal style as well.  A love of simplicity, classic coastal luxe decor and black and white is what sparks my passion. I love to decorate my own space using these design elements and bring that aesthetic to you through our range. 

Your home is more than just your haven, it’s a reflection of your unique personality and style.

The aromas you choose for every space depends on the occasion, special moments or mood you’re wanting to create.  Our wide range of scents will help you transform that space to give you that perfect atmosphere that you’re seeking, shop candles online with us.