Do you know what’s in your candles or home fragrance products? Do you know the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils ?

Be aware that an essential oil candle may smell great, however are you sure they are made from pure oils? Real essential oils (not imitation- goodness knows what’s in them!) are not actually sustainable for the environment , as they require a very large amount of plant matter for one tiny bottle and copious amounts of water to grow (how precious is our water?). This means that the high costs are put onto the product, therefore these oils are extremely expensive . What have you paid for a pure essential oil candle? Fragrance oils, such as the ones we use are a combination of synthetic , raw materials and some have smaller amounts of essential oils blended.

The other point of difference is that essential oils have a higher “flash” point, which means not all of them react well with heat, especially citrus based ones, which in turn could lead to the whole candle combusting.

Some essential oils are also harmful to inhale for babies and pregnant women. Do your research, read the labels and if unsure look up on the internet!

So basically, take care when choosing what type of fragrance candles you would prefer in your home.

All of our range use only premium grade fragrance oils. We pride ourselves on caring for the environment and wish to stay as sustainable as possible.

Our products are non toxic, phthalate free, using pure natural, vegan soy wax. Also do not contain palm oil and are animal cruelty free .

Better to breathe in, low irritant and more sustainable for our precious planet!